Ultra-short implant


The twinkon® 4 is an ultra-short implant (4 mm long). It is indicated for multiple implantations in the retro-mandibular area in cases of severe atrophy of the bone. This clinically validated implant offers a reliable alternative to vertical bone reconstruction which is unpredictable in this area.

The twinkon® 4, which is available in two diameters, 4 mm and 4.5 mm, is used for fixed multiple prostheses with one implant per tooth.

The unique design of the twinkon® 4 ultra-short implant has been devised to provide an effective response to several major requirements:

  • Obtain immediate primary stability and rapid osseointegration: the endosseous part of the twinkon® 4 and the associated surgical protocol have been optimised to provide an optimum tissue response.

  • Promote formation of a mucosal joint: the Tissue creeping profile®, located just above the bone table, encourages the formation of a thick, protective conjunctive seal to preserve the residual bone mass.

  • Provide an effective mechanical and periodontal connection: the prosthetic component is embedded on the 5° external tapered part which ensures uniform distribution of the occlusal forces on the prosthetic interface. The reduction of micromovements contributes to the antibacterial seal and the fatigue strength of the assembly.

  • Provide a scientifically approved therapeutic alternative: several studies conducted in partnership with well-known Italian universities, to be published shortly, have validated the acceptability of the twinkon® 4 as a therapeutic alternative, thus opening up new prospects in dental implantology.*

Film Twinkon® 4

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twinkon® 4 surgical kit

  • A valuable addition to the therapeutic arsenal, the twinkon® 4 has its own specific compact surgical kit. The drilling protocol is simple and intuitive. The drills have an integrated depth stop which ensures the safety of surgical procedures near the dental nerve.

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