Global D WorldWide

Global D, worldwide ambition

  • 35% of our implants are exported.
  • A team dedicated to delivering a personalised service to distributors and our users worldwide.
  • New approvals are regularly being obtained so that we can sell our solutions in more countries.

Our network of professional distributors, who are specialists in their markets, provides a sales presence in over 30 countries

A specialist in the fields of dental implantology, maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics, Global D provides equipment to many surgeons worldwide. The variety of our ranges provides an overall or specific response to the wide range of requests from practitioners.

We have chosen to grow our international business steadily in order to increase the audience for our products and gain access to volume sales, so that our customers enjoy the best production prices on a long-term basis.

Our aim is to extend the sale of our products to all continentswhile increasing local presence for end users through a network of local distributors. Global D has the support of the MENIX group and its large international network for this..

Subsidiary in ITALY since 2011


9 members of staff in Italy

Collaboration with the universities of Rome, Naples and Bologna