• Established in 2006, Geni is an association whose purpose is to share knowledge and experience on implantology topics.
  • The distinctive feature of Geni is its relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which members can freely express differing opinions and ask all types of questions. The aim of Geni meetings is pragmatic improvement by sharing knowledge and experience, for practical application in the dental surgery. Topics covered include the basics, new technologies, the latest techniques and any other know-how.
  • Keen to consolidate this approach, we invite all participants to share their experiences, especially those which raise questions, contacting us first (to describe a case, speak at a conference, to speak to a fellow member, etc.). These questions and cases are then covered in Geni, meetings, which take place 3 times a year in the Lyon region (France).
  • Please feel free to contact us if you require any information

Visit the website www.geni-workgroup.com