InKone Primo and ULTIMATE protocol

Global D présente l’implant  In-Kone® PRIMO aux côtés de l’In-kone® UNIVERSAL.

This new version in the In-Kone® range is first and foremost for surgeons looking for flexibility. The slightly tapered endosseous profile and single thread (0.6 mm pitch) give a sensation of screwing in gently, with very gradual stabilisation of the implant whatever the bone density. This gradual nature will be particularly appreciated when very precise vertical positioning of the shoulder is required, or in high density bone.

The In-Kone® PRIMO has been clinically validated  on more than one hundred cases, with over 300 implants inserted by 12 practitioners. The two versions, Primo and Universal, have the same range of prostheses, the same SA² surface treatment and are both designed to optimise the management of the peri-implant tissues in terms of both volume and quality. Last, but not least, theIn-Kone®Universal  and In-Kone®Primo are both inserted using the same Ultimate surgical kit!

Global D is raising the bar with its new Ultimate surgical kit!
Designed based on the latest technical advances, the Ultimate kit provides one of the most precise surgical protocols. The homothetic design of the drills, matching the shape of the implants, helps to obtain an initial close contact between the bone and the titanium as well as uniform distribution of the primary stability over the anchorage area. The gradual incrementation of the diameters enables the final drilling to be adjusted precisely and atraumatically to the bone density.

An instructive dual colour code enables you to work in a reproducible and predictable way. The cutting edges are designed to give a sensation of suction-free control of the instrument and vibration-free centring of the axis. The helical vents provide effective removal of the bone shavings. Optimum legibility is assured due to the anti-reflective surface treatment. Removable end stops are available.

The protocol has been tested on over 300 implants inserted by 12 practitioners.</p