Minitek/MicrotekTraumatology of upper 2/3 of the skull & neurosurgery

Self-drilling screws

  • Self-tapping asymmetric thread with wider wings
  • Preservation of the bone mass
  • Colour code for each screw diameter
  • Good shaft/screw head hold
  • Good stability when screwing in

Titanium meshes and orbital floor

    • A fan-shaped titanium orbital floor for stabilising and fixing orbital floor fractures

  • Two types of titanium mesh for use in craniomaxillofacial reconstructive surgery and traumatology :

    Micro mesh : 0.2 mm thick, diamond-shaped mesh

    3D mesh : 0.4 mm thick. 3D design makes it easier to model the mesh in three dimensions, avoiding folded or overlapping areas.

EASYTEK-ORTRAUTEK, la solución estéril

  • Numerous combinations of plates and screws
  • Traceability via batch number
  • Simple, easy to use pack
  • Double sterile packaging