CarcitekReconstructive surgery

The CARCITEK range has been developed in collaboration with Docteur Frédéric KOLB of the Gustave ROUSSY Institute, the leading cancer research centre in Europe (in Villejuif, France).


  • Mandibular traumatology, comminuted fractures
  • Reconstructive surgery, with or without bone grafts
  • Sequelae of ballistic traumas
  • Resection of tumours and cancers


  • Wide range of diameters of standard or self-locking screws
  • A single screwdriver
  • Plates suitable for minor or major reconstruction
  • All screws are compatible with all plates
  • Ancillary equipment specific to the range
  • Colour code for each screw diameter and each plate thickness
  • EASYTEK-CARCITEK: simple, sterile solution