The twinkon4® has an external friction-fit taper type connection topped with a three-lobed indexation making it easy to reposition prosthetic components angled or modified by the prosthetics laboratory.



The twinkon 4 ® is indicated for mandibular molar and pre-molar edentation when the site presents with severe vertical atrophy of the bone.


Prosthetic lane

Due to its transmucosal collar topped with its external tapered connection, the twinkon 4® requires exact positioning to match it with the prosthetic lane.



Ideally, the shoulder of the implant should be positioned slightly subcrestally to enable bone crimping.


Screw-retained straight tapered pillar abutment

The tapered pillar abutment is embedded on the external tapered part by friction and screwed into the implant using the prosthesis fixing screw. This assembly has the benefit of the characteristics of tapered connection systems.
From a periodontal point of view, the reduction of any micromovement at the implant-pillar abutment interface promotes a tight anti-bacterial seal, thus providing optimum preservation of the integrity of the biological area.


5.4 mm diameter emergence profile

The tapered pillar abutments of the twinkon® 4 system have been designed to obtain progressive emergence of the prosthesis. The 5/10th shoulder is wide enough to encourage the passive fit of the bridge framework.