twinkon® 4 surgical kit

  • The twinkon® 4 surgical kit is compact. Specially designed for inserting the implant, the drilling protocol is simple and easily reproducible.
  • The drills have integrated depth stops, and the clear marking of the kit ensures correct use of the appropriate sequences for each bone density.

twinkon® 4 drills

C-Forets Twk4
  • The 4.8 mm long drills with depth stops ensure ideal positioning of the implant collar and thus optimum benefit from the advantages of the Tissue Creeping Profile.
  • The 140° open point angle minimises apical over-drilling which is particularly required when there are anatomical obstacles.
  • The total height of the mandrel part has been designed for comfortable working in the mouth and to provide perfect visibility of the area for which the twinkon 4® is indicated.


The gradual increase in the drilling diameters enables users to adjust the preparation of the implant shaft according to the bone density.

Intermediate implant driver


TwinKon 4® implants are fitted with a pre-mounted implant driver in order to provide optimum protection of the integrity of the connection when the implant is screwed into the bone.

Once the implant is in place, the implant driver is also used to:

  • Confirm that the emergence prosthetic axis matches the prosthetic lane of the future restoration.
  • Preview the prosthetic emergence profile of the future pillar abutments.

Counter-torque wrench

C-CleContreCoupleOnce the implant has been inserted in the axis of the prosthesis, the implant driver is removed using the counter-torque wrench. This wrench enables the assembly to be dismantled under optimum conditions, without damaging the primary anchorage of the implant (use the straight or the angled end, depending on the situation).