Tissue creeping profile

  • Formation of a thick, protective conjunctive seal
  • Improved peri-implant trophic conditions
  • Preservation of the integrity of the biological area during operations

Film Twinkon® 4 (02)


External friction-fit taper

  • Reduction of harmful micromovements
  • Accessibility of the prosthesis in the mouth
  • Antibacterial seal promoted
  • Uniform distribution of the loads on the assembly

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Retentive apical profile

  • Triple tapping vent
  • Deep penetrating thread
  • Optimised supporting area
  • Immediate primary anchorage


Progressive subcrestal shoulder

  • Tissue crimping of the implant
  • Preservation of the peri-implant bone table
  • Stabilisation of the residual bone mass


Drills with integrated depth stops

  • Control of the surgical procedure
  • Reproducibility of the protocol
  • Safe working


Medical grade titanium alloy
and SA² etched and sandblasted surface

  • Dual roughness
  • Increased wettability
  • Contact osteogenesis after 3 weeks (studies on beagles)