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Tissue crimping

  • The In-Kone® implant system is designed to optimise the management of the peri-implant tissues. The recommended subcrestal positioning of the shoulder encourages bone crimping of the implant and the formation of a thick mucosal joint. The tissue volume obtained creates trophic conditions that promote a lasting attractive appearance.

Compressive profile

In-Kone® PRIMO
Progressive profile

  • In-Kone® implants are available in two versions: PRIMO and UNIVERSAL. Both profiles can be used for effective treatment of all clinical situations.
  • The In-Kone® UNIVERSAL provides particularly good performance in situations where fast primary anchorage is required: post-extraction implantation, low density bone or the use of short implants.
  • The In-Kone® PRIMO is particularly suitable for users who are looking for an implant that provides flexibility of use with a protocol that is reproducible in most clinical situations.

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A surgical kit common to both


  • Both In-Kone® UNIVERSAL and In-Kone® PRIMO implants are compatible with the new ULTIMATE surgical protocol, thus giving users freedom to choose the treatment.


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