In-Kone®More tissue, less titanium

8° deep internal taper

  • Reduced micromovement of prostheses
  • Improved antibacterial seal
  • Guided insertion of the components

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Friction-fit prosthetic interface

  • Reduced concentrations of cortical stress
  • Better distribution of the occlusal forces on the assembly
  • Does not become unscrewed

Rough chamfered shoulder

  • Homothetic shape suitable for narrow bone crests
  • Shoulder embeds easily
  • Promotes cortical crimping of the implant

Medical grade titanium alloy & SA2 etched and sandblasted surface

  • Dual roughness
  • Increased wettability
  • Contact osteogenesis after 3 weeks (studies on beagles)

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Intelligent, comprehensive range of prostheses

  • Tulip-shaped profiles which promote the formation of a thick mucosal joint
  • Wide range of periodontal heights in 4.0, 5.0 and 6.5 mm diameters
  • Periodontal profile signature with the healing screw
  • Colour code for each periodontal height

Common prosthesis connection

  • Prosthesis compatible with In-Kone® UNIVERSAL and In-Kone® PRIMO
  • Emergence profile independent of the implant diameter
  • Simplified management of the prosthesis range
  • Easy to access system

2 complementary profiles

  • The flexibility of insertion of the In-Kone® PRIMO implant!
  • The immediate primary stability of the In-Kone® UNIVERSAL profile
  • Short implants available (length 6.0 mm)
  • Diameters 3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0 mm

ULTIMATE surgical kit

  • Common to both the In-Kone® UNIVERSAL and In-Kone® PRIMO implants
  • Instructive linear presentation of the protocol
  • Drills designed based on the latest technical advances
  • Optimum control of the progress of the drills in the bone