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Simple & comprehensive

EVL® implants have a complete range of prosthetic components for fixed cement-retained and screw-retained restorations or for stabilising dentures.

The deep hexagonal internal connection helps to guide the prosthetic components during insertion and promotes their long-term stability. Operations are simplified and the time spent in the dentist’s chair optimised, in particular when there are thick tissues or in the posterior area where visibility and access are often difficult. The EVL® range of prostheses is particularly appreciated by practitioners looking for ease of use.

Preparation of the prosthetic seating

The healing screw is an essential component in the restoration phase of the EVL® implant system as it marks the prosthetic emergence profile of the future tooth.

The profile of the EVL® healing screws is based directly on the aesthetic ring*. The taper prepares the entrance of the prosthetic seating and shapes a close-fitting, tension-free tissue access to match the profile of the final components. With the EVL® system, the management of the prosthetic emergence profile is particularly effective in cases of gingival tonicity.

(* unique, original and proven system for preparing the mucosa for the EVL® implant)

Adjustable titanium abutments

The FMTA range for cement-retained prostheses is available in two periodontal heights (0.4 mm and 2.0 mm) and in straight or angled (8°, 15° and 23°) versions. The adjustable chamfers of this range enable the prosthetist to optimise the customisation of the abutments and to adjust the rim of the future crown aesthetically.

The FMTA range includes trial abutments to provide an accurate preview of the component on a model or in the mouth before the final choice is made. A colour code for each diameter and marking make the formats quick to identify.

MULTI (straight) and MUA (angled) pillar abutments

MULTI and MUA pillar abutments are indicated for screw-retained bridges and prostheses on bars. Their wide shoulders make it easy to obtain passive frameworks..

MUA pillar abutments are available with 18° and 30° angles. They are easy to insert using the reusable MUA pillar abutment driver.

MULTI straight pillar abutments have an angular tolerance of 2×25° and are supplied with a disposable driver.

Note: The second parts of MULTI pillar abutments are compatible with the EVL®C one-piece implant.

Stabilisation of complete prostheses

The EVL® system includes BALL pillar abutments (compatible with Dalbo®) and LOCATOR® pillar abutments for stabilising removable prostheses. BALL and LOCATOR® pillar abutments are available for all three implant diameters.

These two proven attachment systems enable you to offer the most suitable solution for each clinical situation.

Comprehensive prosthesis kit

The compact, functional, EVL® prosthesis kit covers all requirements. It enables any type of restoration on the EVL® range of implants.

It includes a torque wrench (0-35 N.cm tightening torque), a 3-in-1 LOCATOR® wrench, a LOCATOR®-compatible wrench and an activator for Dalbo attachments. The hex. wrenches are available in two heights.

Customised bars and abutments made using CAD/CAM procedures

Global D works in partnership with Panthera Dental to make your customised bars and abutments. Panthera is an expert in the design and manufacture of top of the range CAD/CAM customised bars and pillar abutments. Panthera has a wide range of solutions for your cases, from the simplest to the most complex. The customised pillar abutments are available in titanium, chrome-cobalt, or zirconia on a base.

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