EVL®Confidence at your fingertips

3 implant profiles

Easy to use prosthetics & biological integrity

The EVL® implant system has been designed to optimise the ease of the prosthetic operations and the management of the biological area over time..

The supra-crestal positioning recommended for the implants makes for easier visibility and accessibility during the various phases of the operations. The implants have a smooth collar which promotes stabilisation of the peri-implant mucosal-conjunctive band right from the moment of insertion.

Effective treatment of each clinical situation


The EVL® S is an implant which is characterised by its considerable versatility. Its cylindrical shape makes the insertion protocol easily reproducible whatever the bone density. EVL® implants have the benefit of over 18 years’ clinical experience.


The EVL® K is a root-shaped implant which can be used in all situations. Its profile gives it excellent primary stability. It provides particularly good performance in low density bone and implantation in interdental spaces with convergent roots.


The EVL® C is a one-piece implant with a MULTI pillar abutment prosthetic connection. This implant is especially indicated for multiple screw-retained restorations. It provides particularly good performance in cases of immediate loading on complete mandibular arches.

Simple, reproducible protocols

Ergonomic packaging

EVL® K, EVL® S and EVL® C implants are supplied with their disposable final drill specifically sized for the diameter and length of the implant. The packaging of EVL® K & EVL® S implants also includes a healing screw pre-mounted on a driver for easier insertion. The EVL® C implant is supplied with its healing cap.

EVL® compact, complete surgical kit

The ergonomic EVL® surgical kit is used for inserting all the implants in the EVL® range.
It includes the initial and intermediate drills as well as all the depth stops specific to each drill diameter. The depth stops come in a removable container enabling direct contra-angle pick-up.