EVL®Confidence at your fingertips

Internal hexagon

  • Depth 2.7 mm with centring chamfer
  • Intuitive guiding of the components
  • 3 prosthetic bases, diameters 3.8 mm/4.5 mm/5.5 mm

Endosseous micro-thread & smooth supra-crestal collar

  • Management of the mucosal-conjunctive tissues
  • Protection of the biological area
  • Preservation of the cortical bone

Primary stability & osseointegration

  • Medical grade titanium or pure titanium
  • Sandblasted surface finish (18 years’ experience)
  • Variable depth asymmetric locking thread
  • EVL® S tapping profile
  • EVL® K reverse flutes
  • Atraumatic apex

One-piece implants

  • Reduction of the prosthetic interfaces
  • Rationalisation of the operations
  • Immediate loading

Simple, complete prosthesis

  • 3 prosthetic diameters: 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm and 6.0 mm
  • Single and multiple fixed cement-retained and screw-retained prostheses
  • Kit of trial abutments with colour code
  • Stabilisation of dentures

Logical system

  • Prosthesis range common to the EVL® K, EVL® S & EVL® C implants
  • EVL® C available in 6 mm length
  • EVL® S available in 7 mm length
  • Implants supplied with final drill and healing screw

Compact, complete surgical kit

  • Common to the EVL® K, EVL® S, EVL® C implants
  • 2 parallelism gauges per drill diameter
  • Intuitive understanding of the protocols
  • Integrated depth stops