ULTIMATE surgical kit

  • The ULTIMATE surgical kit provides an optimised surgical protocol using the latest homothetic tapered cylindrical helical drills.


  • The ULTIMATE kit is used for inserting In-Kone® PRIMO, In-Kone® UNIVERSAL and 3.0 implants as well as implants in the twinkon® range.

3.0 implant kit

  • The 3.0 implant surgical kit is an alternative, compact version containing all the instruments needed to insert 3.0 implants only.


3.0 implant protocol

  • The surgical protocol for the 3.0 implant is simple and intuitive. It is based on the main principles of the ULTIMATE protocol. The preparation of the implant shaft is homothetic to the shape of the implants in order to obtain uniform distribution of the primary anchorage.


  • The gradual increase in the drilling diameters enables users to adjust the preparation according to the bone density while maintaining the homothetic shape.