Slim implant

  • The 3.0 implant is a Ø 3.0 mm “2-piece” dental implant designed for the restoration of narrow spaces in the incisor area. The implant has been designed to optimise the management of the peri-implant tissues despite the small amount of space available.
  • Designed on the same principle as the In-Kone®, the recommended subcrestal positioning of the shoulder encourages bone crimping of the implant.
    The strong, slim prosthetic components enable the formation of a thick, protective mucosal joint meeting the aesthetic requirements of the indicated area.

Acti-Lock® Concept

  • The 3.0 implant is equipped with the Acti-Lock® Concept, an innovative concept that locks the prosthetic components permanently in the mouth without any transfixation screws. This locking system is based on a traditional, proven mechanical principle, the application of which is to date unique in dental implantology. The abutments are “activated” quickly and easily, with no shock for the patient, using an “activator”.
    The activated components can also be unlocked and removed at any time using an extractor, just as easily and with the same comfort for the patient.

3.0 implant film (01)

  • The implant can be used with the existing ULTIMATE surgical kit. Alternatively, it can be used with its own specific kit, thus giving users freedom of choice.