Acti-Lock® Concept

  • Locking of the prosthetic components, without any transfixation screws
  • Activation and deactivation is quick and simple, and causes no discomfort for the patient
  • Simple, effective and reliable system which does not require any additional motor-driven equipment
  • Easy removal of the temporary or permanent abutment using the special 3.0 implant abutment extractor

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Mechanically tested

  • Strong, intuitive internal connection
  • Uniform distribution of the mechanical stresses on the prosthetic interface

Internal friction-fit taper

  • Encourages an antibacterial seal*
  • No harmful micromovement
  • Uniform distribution of the occlusal forces on the assembly
  • Hexagonal prosthetic indexation

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Ergonomic abutment

  • Anatomical finish shaped to match the cervical line of the crown
  • Available in various periodontal heights 1.0/2.0/4.0/6.0 mm
  • Available in straight and 7° & 15° angled versions
  • Tulip-shaped periodontal profile which promotes the formation of a thick, stable mucosal joint

Medical grade titanium alloy and SA²
etched and sandblasted surface

  • Dual roughness
  • Increased wettability

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ULTIMATE surgical protocol

  • Homothetic preparation of the implant shaft
  • Modularity according to the bone density
  • Protocol can be adapted according to the bone density encountered
  • Simple, intuitive, reproducible protocol

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