Custom prosthesis

CAD/CAM solutions specifically for dental implantology

Single and multiple bases :

These bases can be used by the laboratory for making prostheses, using conventional or digital techniques, which are then bonded onto the base.

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Blank (or pre-milled blank) :

block designed and manufactured by Global D for making customised titanium abutments in the laboratory (as long as the laboratory has the appropriate equipment).

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Global D Compliance :

local customised prosthesis solution available for laborato-ries, complying with the manufacturing requirements which we have established (in agreement with our partners).

Available early 2016.
(in agreement with our partners WorkNC Dental).


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Panthera Dental machining centre :

Abutments and bars are realized by our partner. Company of international reputation, settled in Quebec, proposing the realization of custom abutments in titanium and zircone, as well as bars and other custom-made bridges.

Visit the website :